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92% of people
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to be effective

What is Coaching?

How can Little Wing Coaching help?

Little Wing Coaching can help give you the strategies that you need to make the changes that will bring about the success you want by offering:

Life Coaching

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Marketing Research Services or Mentoring

Confidence Coaching

Learning to Live on Less Income

Performance Coaching

Career Coaching

 Little Wing Coaching

Does Coaching Work
When asked about effectiveness, 84% regarded coaching by line managers as ’effective’ or ’very effective’, while 92% judged coaching by external practitioners to be effective.

Interestingly, although coaching by line managers is more widespread, coaching by external coaching is considered to be more effective as a means of learning.

The rise and rise of coaching, Coaching at Work, Jessica Jarvis, Published 8 October 2005, Source CIPD