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Performance Coaching with Little Wing

Many sportspeople use performance coaching to improve their game using mental rehearsal.  In particular this is used in golf and equestrian disciplines and achieves great results.  It can also be used to prepare for job interviews, public speaking and many more situations.

Performance coaching can empower you and help you to unlock your potential.

Performance Coaching Testimonial

  • Catherine Simpson, July 2011
Jane got me through an extremely difficult period at work last year which needed courage and confidence to resolve a situation which, at the time, was untenable.

Through Jane’s coaching I remained calm, clear thinking and focused on my objectives.   Using the techniques learned and carefully practiced with Jane in a supportive and encouraging environment, I was able to state my case, have my views listened to and acted upon and ultimately achieve the result I desired in a professional manner.

Now, looking back, the impact of my sessions with Jane were not just a short-term fix.  In fact they have given me extremely valuable insights into myself and, on an on-going basis, have provided the tools and techniques to handle any difficult situation life might throw at me.

And that’s not a bad legacy is it?

 Little Wing Coaching

Performance Coaching Tip
Visualising a successful result, whether it is for an interview or improving your game of golf, can help lead to that becoming a reality.

Combine this with mental rehearsal and good preparation and the possibilities of excellent performance are greatly enhanced.