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Learning To Live On Less Income with Little Wing

In today’s economic climate there is great uncertainty about job security causing many people to re-evaluate the way they live.  Additionally, there are many people who are making a conscious decision to get out of the ’rat race’.  Whatever the reason, we can provide help and expertise on how to live well and happily on a reduced income.

The sessions can be tailor made to suit your requirements ranging from coaching to change your need to buy things you don’t need to learning new skills.

We can find ways of giving you longer term pleasure fixes rather than a short term buzz from shopping!   And without the guilt feeling afterwards!

We can also offer whole day or residential courses for single people, couples or groups of friends who would like to learn some practical ways of saving money in the home.  Perhaps learn how to grow your own vegetables, keep chickens and more, combined with coaching if required for any area that may be holding you back.

Clive and the dogs keeping the home fires burning
Clive and the dogs, keeping the home fires burning!

 Little Wing Coaching

Living on Less Tip
Start with a budget showing your income and expenditure on necessities to determine how much is left for you to spend as you wish, then divide your wish list into needs and wants.

Priortise your spending from that!