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JT Marketing Research

I have an MSc in Marketing and my particular specialism is in Marketing Research.  My original business, JT Marketing Research is now incorporated into Little Wing Coaching.  Through this I can offer the extra service of bespoke marketing research, or to keep the costs down, I can mentor businesses through the process of conducting secondary research, writing their own questionnaires, and advising on the most appropriate research methods to use.  Results can then be analysed and a report written with the information you need.

Marketing Research is a vital and on-going aspect of running a business, yet so often this is omitted, often with disasterous consequences.  By using JT Marketing Research you can have the advantage of knowing what you need to know in order to keep you ahead of the competition.

JT Marketing Research Testimonials

  • Catherine Simpson (
  • Chrissie Bedwin (Aim High)
Jane Travis conducted market research for our Internet business at a critical point in its development.  Her work was extremely thorough and her quiet, professional approach instilled confidence from the start.  She had an instinctive understanding of our needs and quickly focussed our thoughts in the right direction for maximum impact.  The insights and intelligence we gained from the primary research were totally unexpected and her recommendations, with hindsight, were spot on, allowing us to grow the company, confident that we were heading in the right direction.

Jane made sure she understood exactly what I wanted and produced a detailed and thorough analysis report which met my needs.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for some in-depth market research.

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JT Marketing Research Tip
When starting a marketing research survey, first of all decide on what you want to know and design your questions to gather that data, but take care with the wording of the questions and the options for answers to avoid the risk of bias in the results.

Poorly designed marketing research can be a waste of time and money and lead to making the wrong decisions, but when done well can give you valuable insights into your business and market.