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Confidence Coaching with Little Wing

jane travis national council psychotherapists and nlp practitioner riding her horse
As a child I started horse riding and fell in love with those wonderful animals.  I spent every available minute riding and as children are, I was fearless. Then when I was 16 I had a riding accident and my confidence went from that day on.  Over the ensuing years I continued to ride and my confidence ebbed and flowed until I discovered confidence coaching.  With the help of fellow coach, Marie Weinman, I started on the journey to regaining my confidence and enjoyment of riding, and from there on my own journey of never ending self-improvement studying NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Performance Coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Having learnt for myself what it is like to get my confidence back, I want to help other people in the same position get their confidence back with horse riding or any other situation.

Confidence Coaching Testimonial

  • Chris Ward, October 2011
I have had a confidence issue with horses for quite some time.  In fact, I’m not really sure how long I’ve had the problem, only that I have it.  Unfortunately for me horses are my passion so I had no choice but to find some confidence in whatever way I could.  Being afraid but desperate to progress is a very lonely place for anyone to be, couple that with no knowledge of how to gain this elusive thing called confidence and you end up with sheer frustration.  Even the most determined mind needs a little help.

Riding, mostly even the thought of riding, made me feel sick to my stomach.  I could almost see the grim reaper beckoning to me every time I saddled up. All sorts of horrors would leap into my mind.  I would break out into a cold sweat, sometimes even break down in tears.  What I really wanted was to be riding out into the great blue yonder, perhaps even persuing a career with horses.  The reality was very different.

In one session with Jane I was able to unlock some of the beliefs that were holding me back.  We tackled the negative perceptions I had about myself.  It was literally like turning the negative into positive.  Since the session the feeling of fear has been replaced with excitement.  Just what can we achieve today, how will we progress, can I hold onto the leadership even when things get a bit sticky?  I can see my goal and it’s no longer an impossible dream.  It is real and I will get there.

 Little Wing Coaching

Confidence Coaching Tip
When you feel fear it is your unconscious mind’s way of keeping you safe. Ask yourself if that fear is serving you well or holding you back.

You have the choice to change the level of fear if you want to.